Berkah Utama Solution – The First choice, One Stop, Outdoor Adventure & Sporting retailer.

Mission Statement – To inspire, equip & enable Indonesian with the best value and broadest range of outdoor adventure and sporting products!

Our Mission

Berkah Utama Solution was founded in November 2014 by an Indonesian retailing family. Berkah Utama Solution founders were concerned that Indonesia’s outdoor and adventure culture was in decline, with many people seeking their leisure and entertainment indoors. This family, who love the outdoors themselves, realised that Indonesia really didn’t have a one-stop-shop for outdoor and adventure equipment. This is how the vision of Berkah Utama Solution – Indonesia’s largest camping and adventure superstore – was born.

Our Vision

Our commitment is to continue to provide high-quality gear and offer excellent value to all Indonesians.

Berkah Utama Solution believes in giving back to the communities in which we live. The conservation of our national parks and the traditional homelands of the people is central to who we are. We promote only responsible outdoor pursuits and always take responsibility for our actions because the environment is our business.

Furthermore we believe that by striving toward our vision to inspire, equip and enable, we will help people enjoy the benefits of outdoor-oriented recreation, encouraging happier and healthier lifestyles.


Berkah Utama Solution is not just a retail store, it’s an experience. We have the largest range of outdoor products in Indonesia and source the best gear locally and internationally. Our gear is offered in an environment where visitors can take part in great activities and get the best local advice for their adventures.

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